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The beverage industry is ever evolving as new markets and trends develop. RM Robotics skilled engineers are able to offer solutions in order to allow for flexible automation methods and operator friendly software to allow our customers to adjust to consumer demands. This allows themend users to use one system for various product, giving them a competitive edge.

RMRobotics have the ability to handle all manner of Primary packing in various container types :Bottle, Can, Pouch, Carton, Draught, Bulk and so on.

The secondary packing process consists of aligning and grouping container types and then filling boxes, cases and trays. RM Robotics highly skilled programming and electrical engineers can create a bespoke user-friendly interface for customers to gain control of stacking and format changes without any robotic programming experience.

This is a huge benefit to our customers. Being able to use just one system for various formations saves money, space and time. Bespoke end of arm tooling (EOAT) designed by our engineering team offers a range of solutions based on minimising cost, EOAT changeovers and accessible maintenance.

The beverage packaging market is broadly divided based on package type, such as bottle, can, pouch, cartons, and others. With a huge market potential and growing consumer preference, the market is likely to witness considerable growth in the coming years. Investing in automation is imperative to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market.

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The RM Group manufacture all product and pallet handling solutions around packaging and palletising systems. The company has evolved with industry demand for affordable, quality products backed up with a reliable service and after sales care. The company has seen continued growth over years and continues to evolve, becoming one of the UK’s largest packaging machinery provider.

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