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The programming engineers at RM Robotics have years of experience in problem solving and finding the right solution for our customers. Including user-friendly software which allows customers to make basic changes to the packing quantities and formats.

Product in plastic bottles, dispensers and pumps, glass and acrylic can be sorted and packed into boxes for transport or trays and shelf ready displays. Regardless of shape, size or format of the packing, RM Robotics team of designers can work with multiple options.

RM Robotics can integrate vision inspection systems, x-raying, labelling and barcoding of tubes, bottles, jars and boxes. If you have a need to improve your process in any of the above areas we can offer the solution and advise you the best method by using our 25+ years’ experience in the packaging industry.

We can automate the packaging process for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body creams and lotions
  • Health and hygiene products

Solutions include bespoke cosmetic handling with pick and place robot Flexpickers for high-speed precision picking and industrial robots for palletising boxed cosmetic goods.

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The RM Group manufacture all product and pallet handling solutions around packaging and palletising systems. The company has evolved with industry demand for affordable, quality products backed up with a reliable service and after sales care. The company has seen continued growth over years and continues to evolve, becoming one of the UK’s largest packaging machinery provider.

RM Robotics & Rees Trading part of the RM Group of companies.


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